Share the journey of motherhood with a mentor.

Mama Mentors will be the first platform that matches a woman in any part of her journey through motherhood (conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond) with a more experienced mom counterpart for a personal one-on-one support.

What Sets Us Apart?

Mama Mentors will pair women based on shared experiences (infertility, marital status, special needs, and more) and support all stages of motherhood from conception to child raising.

Meet a Mom Anywhere

From L.A. to Taipei, any mom around the world can impact one another.

Matches Made for You

Our matching algorithm pairs you with the perfect mom for your unique situation.

Seamless Communication

Maintain an ongoing dialogue with a fully integrated private messaging tool.

Bonds Bigger than Friendship

More than just playdates, create a kinship that lives beyond the playground.

Hi, my name is Pam and I am a first-time mom.

During my journey to motherhood, I ran into situations that I was uncomfortable openly discussing: I underwent infertility treatments to conceive and fell into severe postpartum depression after my son was born. I felt isolated and uncertain if my experiences were an oddity rather than the norm. Pouring through relevant articles online helped, but I needed reassurance from someone who had shared my same experience.

Luckily my mom and cousin knew of such moms and connected me with them via text. Immediately I began receiving advice and support that only someone who had “been through it too” could share. Access to their wisdom dramatically changed the quality of my path to motherhood and the clarity to realize that if bonds like the ones I formed with them could be scaled, the impact on many women’s journey like mine could be great.

Thus the concept of Mama Mentors was born to empower every woman to experience the joy of motherhood as a team.

Join us

As mentor, mentee or both –
together we can empower every
woman to experience the joy of
motherhood as a team.

Our Timeline

1. Conceptualize

Website communicates vision and mission for the platform

2. Design

Advisory board of moms & non-moms layout platform alongside design agency

3. Visualize

Visual prototype including screenshots and full listing of features are created

4. Fundraise

Family, friends and supporters of Mama Mentors are called to raise $55K

5. Develop

Founder works hand-in-hand with developers to create the community

6. Launch

Mama Mentors Beta launches as a free platform to inspire, support and empower women

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